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This letter was a special request from a friend, inspired by decorative plasterwork and ornamental plaster ceilings.

This is what happens when you rediscover the game of Pacman and then finding you’re becoming consumed with Pac-Dots…

A simple doodle inspired this letter T. Copious drawings of figure-of-8 shapes resulted in a ‘never-ending’ letter with no beginning and no end.

Take 1 blocky serif letter. Toss in some curly ornamentation. Strong and soft combined. Or typographic Yin and Yang.

A few years ago I worked on a project that included making up lego boats, houses and palm trees. So I had to buy 8 huge buckets of lego. The looks on the faces of passing children were priceless. They would have happily traded their parent/s with me, just to play with all that lego.

Fold a square of paper in half, then half again. Cut a quarter of a circle around the non-folded edges. Now cut small pieces out of the paper, making sure you cut through all 4 sheets of paper. Once you’re done, open out the paper and you have your very own paper snowflake.

Confetti. Once the sole domain of weddings, these little circles of pastel paper have branched out and now signify all kinds of celebrations, sporting parades and birthdays. This letter R is a tribute to a simple form of marking an occasion.

The feel of Summer: freshly mown grass, ripe strawberries and brightly coloured picnic rugs, seating family and friends.

The age-old skill of embroidery is making a comeback. Threading lines up and under, finishing off with a dot at each end. Say hello to a typographic version of an embroidered letter H.